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Mama Bamba Way Birth Preparation

The purpose of the Mama Bamba Way birth preparation is to release the intensity of labour and thereby reducing the pain and increasing and enhancing babies and parents experience of birth.

The course will be not so much focused on the medical side of birth as traditional birth preparation classes but rather on:

* acknowledging and honoring the process of birth as a sacred rite of passage

* allowing the connection between the mother and her body and the unique journey of her baby

* inspiring women to have empowered birth experiences

* encouraging the trust in the body’s innate intelligence to birth

* strengthen and unifying the bond between mother, baby and partner / father

* building confidence in conscious birthing and parenting

* enhancing babies experience of birth into a loving and peaceful environment
Classes are small with no more then 7 couples and the next course will is on the first weekend in November 1.11. – 2.11..

Costs: R1750,-

Included in the costs:

  • The Mama Bamba Way. Inner Pathways back to the Power and Pleasure of Birth.  Robyn Sheldon

  • The Mama Bamba Way – Guided Visualization for Birth. CD by Robyn Sheldon and Michael Martin

  • Handouts

* learning tools to surrender into the intensity of labour which decreases the pain experience for the mother and preventing trauma for mother and baby