I am a natural-birth-passionista, a doula, a Soul Connection facilitator, an antenatal educator and a yoga teacher living in Kommetjie, Cape Town. After finishing my studies in economics  I worked in the fashion industry as an area manager for a well known italian brand for about 8 years. Although I had a good and safe job with a satisfying income I felt that I needed something different. During those eight years in a tough business with a lot of pressure, responsibility and stress my yoga practice always helped me to keep calm, relaxed and grounded in this quite superficial industry. Yoga became my sanctuary and my biggest passion until finally in 2009 I decided it is time to follow my heart and listen to the inner voice that had been talking to me already for a long time. I quit my job, became a yoga teacher and moved to Cape Town. Since then I have been teaching yoga at several different places in Cape Town and have developed a true passion for birth and how to enhance not only the parents but also the babys birth experience. Through constant further training I am now a certified Doula (emotional labour support) and a Mama Bamba Way antenatal educator. I do Soul connection work (unborn child work) to connect parents with their babies on a soul level before they meet for the first time at birth and of course give preggy yoga classes.

I teach Sivananda Integral Hatha Yoga focusing not only on Asanas (postures) but also on Pranayama (breathing). In my classes I strive to take you into a calm and meditative state where you can just be yourself without judgement or attachment and allow the postures to unfold their benefits on a very deep level.

At the moment I am taking a little break from teaching as I am fostering little twin girls, but the studio is up and running with all the other classes.